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IRPanel - LCD+IR via USB

IRPanel main screen

IRPanel is what happens when you put an AVR MCU, a LCD module and an IR decoder together, and then simply take it up a couple of notches up.


  • Networked model of operation (like X11)
  • Simple, ASCII packet-based communication
  • RC5 IR decoder and parser
  • Drive any HD-compatible LCD module
  • PWM driven smooth control for backlight
  • Ruby framework for writing apps
  • But you can easily use it directly from shell

Apps showcase

Code overview

  • firmware/ - AVR firmware (targeted for ATTiny2313)
  • irpaneld/ - server daemon (TCP and Unix sockets, ensures packet sanity and keeps state)
  • tools/ - currently only readkeys helper to get the remote button codes
  • apps/ruby/ - framework and example apps
  • apps/shell/ - example of communicating from shell (Conky output)
  • cad/ - a quick schematic drawing done with KiCad (see irpanel.pdf)

Status: Alpha

Currently the only big issue is that of stability - there is some problem between the firmware and the server daemon that results in 'hang-ups'. These hang-ups sometimes 'heal' themselves on their own, other times I need to restart the prototype ('unplug and plug it in again'). I'm currently unable to pin-point the real cause of the problem... It may be in the code, it may be in the hardware. Expertise and more prototypes needed.

Other than that the documentation may be lacking here and there, and the overall coherence of the project could probably use some external input.

Building and basic setup

$ git clone
$ cd irpanel/firmware/
$ $EDITOR Makefile # adjust variables (clock, MCU model, avrdude options...)
$ make
$ make burn # have your programmer hooked up
$ cd ../
$ make all # will make irpaneld and tools
$ cd irpaneld/
$ ./irpaneld -h # get some idea about options
$ ./irpaneld -d /dev/cuaU0 -t # or /dev/ttyUSB* if you're on Linux
$ cd ../apps/shell # you'll need Conky for this
$ $EDITOR conky-lcd.rc # edit to suit your needs
$ ./ # should work...

Ruby framework

First build and install gem:

$ cd irpanel/apps/ruby/irpanel/
$ rake gem
$ gem install pkg/irpanel-0.0.1.gem # or prepend with sudo...

Example apps are included in irpanel/apps/ruby/irpanel/apps (these are the 'featured' apps).


All sources are more-or-less commented, so even without building the docs proper there is some documentation available. For the C-coded parts you'll need Doxygen, for the Ruby framework and apps you'll need yard.

$ cd irpanel/
$ make docs
$ cd apps/ruby/irpanel/ && yard

Wishful thinking

  1. Fix the stability issue
  2. Make a proper PCB design
  3. Document everything


See LICENSE.txt (a BSD 2-clause license).