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This project ports the translation of Remember 11 - the age of infinity game to PSP.

If you know Japanese and want to improve some parts of this translation, talk to me at gbatemp directly, or using the thread below.

Thread on

Donwloads here

Credits for English translation go to TLWiki team

Current status

Scenes: Ported - But text overflows the text box in some places. (Move the text box a bit up in game settings)
Shortcuts (init.bin): Ported.
TIPS (init.bin): Ported, but with bugs - there's too much English text in some of the tips. Those will either have unreadable parts, or crash the game.
Names (init.bin): Ported.
Chronology (init.bin): Not ported.
Menus (BOOT.BIN): Partial. Need translation help here, because text is different from the PC version. HOME menu - Done.
Font (FONT00.FOP): Tweaked for English text. Reduced width a bit. EN glyphs are brightened and sharpened.

Other Projects

I want to release a similar patch and sources of the tools for Ever 17 for English and, hopefully, Spanish and Russian translations. However, I can't give any timelines for this, because I do this in free time, whenever I have inspiration for it. Meanwhile, you can use this patch, released by other fellas.

For Developers

Babun (Windows/Cygwin) environment was used for developing and running this, but should work on linux/mac as well.

  1. Put the Remember11 iso at iso/Remember11-jap.iso

  2. Run ./

  3. Result iso will be at iso/remember11-repacked.iso

Tip: If you make any changes to the text or other resources, run ./ script to skip the "unpacking" phase.


The following tools should be available on your PATH:

7z mkisofs gcc perl python3

mkisofs is a part of cdrtools package (google it).

Also you will need to have File::Slurp module for Perl. Use the following command:
cpan File::Slurp

Brew command for mac:

brew install p7zip cdrtools python3