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Moco is an easy setup stub framework.

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Integration, especially based on HTTP protocol, e.g. web service, REST etc, is wildly used in most of our development.

In the old days, we just deployed another WAR to an application server, e.g. Jetty or Tomcat etc. As we all know, it's so boring to develop a WAR and deploy it to any application server, even if we use an embeded server. And the WAR needs to be reassembled even if we just want to change a little bit.

Quick Start

  • Download Standalone Moco Runner
  • Write your own configuration file to describe your Moco server configuration as follow:
    "response" :
        "text" : "Hello, Moco"


  • Run Moco HTTP server with the configuration file.
java -jar moco-runner-<version>-standalone.jar http -p 12306 -c foo.json



Make sure you have JDK and Gradle installed.

  • Clone Moco
git clone
  • Build Moco
./gradlew build
  • Build uberjar
./gradlew uberjar
  • Check code before commit
./gradlew check


Check out what you can help here if you do not have any existing idea.

Copyright and license

Copyright 2012-2023 ZHENG Ye

Licensed under MIT License (the "License"); You may obtain a copy of the License in the LICENSE file, or at:

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