Route53 dynamic dns Windows UI and background service
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A Windows UI application + windows service to use Route53 as a Dynamic DNS provider. 
Application is supposed to be launched on any machine inside network behind one NAT-ing device with one external IP.
It deliberately does not do anything with registry, but stores everything in files.

There is no installer at this point. 

= Requirements =
.NET framework 4.5
Visual Studio Express C# 2012 (Depends on usage)

= Usage if you trust the binaries =

For UI application

1. Download archive with binaries from downloads section
2. Unpack
3. run the Route53DDNS.exe from Route53DDNS directory

For service

1. Download archive with binaries from downloads section
2. Unpack
3. Determine where is your .net framework4 directory located
4. Run "cmd" as administartor, change directory to where you unpacked the bundle + Route53DDNSService
5. Inside cmd run c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\InstallUtil.exe /LogToConsole=true Route53DDNSService.exe"
6. Create Route53DDNSService\config\aws.json with AWS credentials 
	"hostedZoneId": "",
	"awsRegion": "us-east-1"


run the Route53DDNS.exe and let application create the config for you in UI.

7. Go to services and start it, or reboot it will autostart. Look in logs it works!

= Source code compile and usage =
1. Download the source from github by doing in git shell
git clone git://
2. Open with Visual Studio Express C# 2013 (or any other recent enough for .NET 4.5)
4. Rebuild
5. Run executable for UI or see above for service

= Notes =
a. The package includes modified version of log4net built with .NET client profile.
Original log4net can be downloaded from and is distributed under Apache License 2.0

b. The package includes pre-compiled by AWS AWSSDK It can be downloadad from and is distributed under Apache License 2.0