Small program to benchmark various bit counting methods
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Bit counting

This small programs mesures time required to count set bits in random data set.

More information about various algorithms:

Compile and run without parameters. Being run on Mac OS X (Darwin Kernel Version 10.3.0, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz), compiled under gcc version 4.2.1 with -O3 optimization level it gives you the following results:

8-bit lookup table calculation took 1.29 ms
16-bit lookup table calculation took 2.08 ms

---> Iterated methods
Iterated        4.545 sec   22.000 Mcps
Sparse          3.467 sec   28.846 Mcps
Dense           3.598 sec   27.790 Mcps
---> Parallel methods
Parallel        1.227 sec   81.490 Mcps
Nifty           1.299 sec   76.976 Mcps
Hakmem          1.274 sec   78.504 Mcps
---> Table lookup methods
Precomp 8       0.805 sec  124.176 Mcps
Precomp 16      0.765 sec  130.661 Mcps