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Used By

Metadata Extractor is used in several applications. Here is a partial list:

  • Apache Tika A content analysis toolkit
  • jAlbum David Ekholm's excellent gallery creation tool
  • Nuxeo Open source content management platform
  • OziPhotoTool An application for matching GPS data from the OziExplorer with digital camera images
  • AnaBuilder A freeware app for developing 3D relief images (Anaglyph red-blue 3D images)
  • EXIF-O-Matic An attractive front end application for this library
  • JPO - Java Picture Organiser A platform independent image organisation tool
  • PicL An open source picture labeller
  • Java Home Media Option A media server for TiVo's Home Media Option
  • SortImages Renames DSC image files according to their capture date/times
  • Exif Reader An Exif reading ImageJ plugin, written by Gali Baler
  • OrangePics Online photo gallery
  • JSGalBuilder Andreas Kreb's application for creating web based galleries
  • RAMADDA A content management system with a focus on Earth Science data
  • ReposSearch A full-text search facility for SVN repositories with metadata capabilities
  • Animaps An extension to Google Maps that allows you to author animated maps
  • bikexperience.de Software for recording and mapping cycling expeditions
  • Scrimage Scala image processing library
  • Android Foto Finder A tool to find and view photos on android devices.
  • Jambula Lossless Picture Date Stamper with a GUI
  • Image Plagiarism Checker
  • Image Location Scanner A plug-in for both Burp and ZAP security website security testing suites
  • Mapollage A photo kml generator for Google Earth
  • 123 Watermark commercial watermarking software

The following organisations use the library:

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