Functions for constructing and validating standard weight (Ws) equations for fish.
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This is the github page for the FSAWs package for R developed by Derek Ogle at Northland College. This package contains functions for constructing and validating standard weight (Ws) equations for fish that were originally in the FSA package.


This package can be installed from github to your R with the following code

if (!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools'); require('devtools')

Descriptions of recent changes can be found in the file


Contact me with questions by sending a friendly e-mail to


The functions in this package, when they were part of the FSA package, have been used in the following publications:

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  • Giannetto D, Carosi A, Franchi E, La Porta G, Lorenzoni M. 2012. Proposed standard weight (Ws) equation for European perch (Perca fluviatilis Linnaeus, 1758). Journal of Applied Ichthyology 28:34-39.
  • Giannetto D, Franchi E, Pompei L, Lorenzoni M, Porcellotti S, Tancioni L. 2012. Proposed empirical standard weight equation for brook chub Squalius lucumonis. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 32:428-435.
  • Giannetto D, Giuseppi M, Pompei L, Stefano P., Lorenzoni M. 2015. Length-length, length-weight and a proposed standard weight equation for the Italian endemic species Barbus tyberinus Bonaparte, 1839. Turkish Journal of Zoology 15:191-196.
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