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Experimental gui library

I always build with gb. I am not sure if I've made this thing goinstall-friendly. If you run into trouble with goinstall, please let me know!

This library is still very experimental. It is a replacement of the former gui library that I (David Roundy) worked on.

The gui package exports almost everything you should need to create a gui program, with the single exception being the lack of a function to make your gui actually run. That is provided by a "back end" package. Currently there is just one back end, gui/web, which provides a web interface. I hope that eventually, further back ends will be provided, possibly as third-party packages.

There aren't many widgets yet. Widget-creation comes in one of two varieties. A composite widget can be created in a package that only imports from gui itself. However, if you want to create a new primitive widget type (e.g. a color map or file selector), you'll need to create a new type in gui/data, and add support for it in gui/web (and any other back ends that are developed).

The API is based around chans and interfaces, and hopefully is a nice go-like API.


A widget library for go



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