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Now with DNSSEC


An authoritative-only, DNSSEC capable, leaf DNS server in Java. See the issues for the known problems with DNSSEC.

JDNSS is a small DNS server written in Java. It was written to be both more portable and more secure due to its implementation in Java. It is currently intended for use as a "leaf" server as it does not do iterative or recursive lookups for clients, nor does it do any cacheing. It reads zone files listed on the command line. The other command line arguments are as follows:

Argument Use
--port=# Listen to UDP and TCP at port number instead of 53.
--threads=# The maximum number of threads to allow (default: 10).
--IPaddress=# Listen to IP address number instead of the default for the machine.
--TCP=(true|false) Listen to the TCP port (default: true).
--UDP=(true|false) Listen to the UDP port (default: true).
--MC=(true|false) Listen to the multicast port (default: false).
--MCPort=# Multicast port number (default: 5353).
--MCAddress=# Multicast address (default:
--DBClass=(string) The Java driver class for the database (e.g.: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver).
--DBURL=(string) The URL of the database (e.g.: jdbc:mysql://localhost/JDNSS).
--DBUser=(string) The database user name
--DBPass=(string) The database user password
--version display the JDNSS version number and exit.
--serverSecret=(String) Define Server Cookie Secret used.

You can run it via "java -jar target/jdnss-2.0.jar zone1..." where zone1... are zone files you want to serve.

For a quick test, download and save the https://github.com/drsjb80/JDNSS/blob/master/test.com file and run JDNSS with the following options:

--port=5300 test.com

You should be able to run the following queries (from a different window):

  • nslookup -port=5300 test.com localhost
  • nslookup -port=5300 www.test.com localhost
  • nslookup -port=5300 -type=SOA test.com localhost
  • nslookup -port=5300 -type=NS test.com localhost
  • nslookup -port=5300 -type=MX test.com localhost
  • nslookup -port=5300 -type=AAAA www.test.com localhost
  • nslookup -port=5300 -type=TXT one.test.com localhost
  • dig @localhost test.com
  • dig @localhost test.com +cookie="0123456789abcdef"
  • dig @localhost www.test.com AAAA
  • dig @localhost www.test.com +noedns