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A website publishing system for emacs using org mode.
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EWO (Easy Websites with Org) A Static Site Generator


This is EWO 3.4.2

EWO is an extension to the orgmode HTML publishing mechanism. It allows to define a simple static web site based on categories.

Namely, a category is a directory in the web site tree, associated with an entry in the navigation bar. This allows the automatic generation of a navigation bar.

Categories are of two kinds : static categories let the user organise its pages freely, blog categories allows automatic generation of table of content and tag index. See the manual for details.

EWO relies on the bootstrap framework.

Besides, EWO brings some tools to easily use some functionnalities of the bootstrap framework.

EWO started as a personnal project : allows the generation of my professionnal web pages from orgmode documents.

Version 2.0 is a partial rewrite of the original project, to define EWO as a derived back-end of the org html back-end.

For installation and usage instructions see the documentation in the doc/ folder.


  1. Define the structure of the site, that is, define categories. Decide for each category if it’s a static category or a blog category.
  2. Define a root directory for publication.
  3. Define plublication configurations (at least one).
  4. Fine tune different aspects (like classes used for some elements).
  5. Write your pages / articles.
  6. Generate the site locally.
  7. sync it with a remote host using rsync-like tool.
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