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user-personas project outline


There has been various discussions and other efforts in the past around a "Drupal Australia" website to replace the Groups site.

At Drupalcamp Melbourne 2015 (Nov 27th), there was a session where details were discussed and a call to action made to create a community-driven project team to make it happen. A single page website was built as a placeholder while user research was carried out. Unfortunately not much more was done as resourcing the project is always the difficult part!

A second push came in June 2018 with renewed interest so previous work has been compiled and consolidated. I've created this repository to document the previous work and provide a design brief.

If anyone feels this information is wrong or could be improved, please create an Issue or submit a Pull Request! I'm certainly not a UX expert and have done this work in lieu of having actual UX resources. That said, it has been reviewed by some of the UXers in our community.


Support and promote the Drupal Australia community and eco-system.

User personas

User research was conducted in 2016 and compiled into these 4 User Personas;

  • Drupal business owner
  • Drupal developer
  • UX professional
  • Minority Drupal user

The survey questions used to conduct the research can be seen here. The survey was anonymous but the results themselves are only shared on a need to know basis. Some information in them is private, and whilst anonymous, some answers can be easy to identify their owner.


From the user personas came the outlines of the sites features and content. The full set of features will be approached from an MVP perspective and may change over time. Wireframes and design of these features should also be approached from the same MVP perspective.

Design brief

The next step is branding. Anyone who is interested and able please contact me!

Action plan

The project team have put together a rough action plan, it will be refined over time.

Meeting notes and outcomes

Any major conversations or decisions the project team has will be documented here.

Who is the project team


With thanks to the following for their help with the initial push;

  • Everyone who attend the discussion at DrupalCamp Melbourne 2015
  • Angus Gordon and Amelia Schmidt for helping with the UX
  • Stuart Clark for helping with the placeholder site, slack invite and technical discussions
  • Pete and Donna for hosting the placeholder site and general encouragement!
  • Everyone who filled in the User Survey!
  • Eveyone in the #drupal_org_au (drupal-au) Slack channel who provided ideas and helped work through issues