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@dswd dswd released this Apr 6, 2021

  • [added] Service target file (thanks to mnhauke)
  • [added] Added interactive configuration wizard
  • [added] Support for (un-)installation
  • [added] Building static binaries
  • [added] Building i686 rpm
  • [changed] Restructured example config
  • [changed] Changed Rust version to 1.51.0
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [changed] Change permissions of /etc/vpncloud
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@dswd dswd released this Feb 6, 2021

  • [added] Support for websocket proxy mode
  • [added] Support for hook scripts to handle certain situations
  • [added] Support for creating shell completions
  • [removed] Removed dummy device type
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [changed] Changed Rust version to 1.49.0
  • [fixed] Added missing peer address propagation
  • [fixed] Fixed problem with peer addresses without port
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@dswd dswd released this Nov 7, 2020

  • [changed] Changed documentation
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [changed] Retrying connections for 120 secs
  • [changed] Resetting own addresses periodically
  • [changed] Using smallvec everywhere
  • [changed] Assume default port for peers without port
  • [fixed] Fixed corner case with lost init message
  • [fixed] Do not reconnect to timed out pending connections
  • [fixed] Most specific claims beat less specific claims
  • [fixed] Count all invalid protocol traffic
  • [fixed] Fixed compile with musl
  • [fixed] Fixed time format in logs
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@dswd dswd released this Oct 30, 2020

  • [added] Add strong crypto, complete rewrite of crypto system
  • [added] Automatically claim addresses based on interface addresses (disable with --no-auto-claim)
  • [added] Allow to give --ip instead of ifup cmd
  • [added] Automatically set optimal MTU on interface
  • [added] Warning for disabled or loose rp_filter setting
  • [added] Add --fix-rp-filter to fix rp filter settings
  • [added] Offer to migrate old configs
  • [changed] Complete change of network protocol
  • [changed] Negotiate crypto method per peer, select best method
  • [changed] Make encryption the default, no encryption must be stated explicitly
  • [changed] Changed default device type to TUN
  • [changed] Rename subnet to claim
  • [changed] Set peer exchange interval to 5 minutes
  • [changed] Periodically send claims with peer list
  • [changed] Changed Rust version to 1.47.0
  • [removed] Remove network-id parameter
  • [removed] Remove port config option in favor of --listen
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@dswd dswd released this Jun 3, 2020

  • [added] Added option to listen on specified IP
  • [added] Added support for statsd monitoring
  • [changed] No longer using two sockets for ipv4 and ipv6
  • [changed] Warning for missing router is now info
  • [changed] New warning on claimed addresses in learning mode
  • [changed] Rewrote argument parsing
  • [changed] Changed stats file format to YAML
  • [changed] Using asciidoc for manpage
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [fixed] Fixed problem that could lead to 100% cpu consumption
  • [fixed] Fixed startup race condition
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@dswd dswd released this Jan 25, 2020

  • [added] Building for aarch64 aka arm64 (thanks to Ivan)
  • [added] Added feature to disable special NAT support
  • [changed] Improved port forwarding on quirky routers
  • [changed] Reduced peer timeout to 5min to work better with NAT
  • [changed] Improved builder scripts
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [fixed] Fixed problem with growing stats file
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@dswd dswd released this Dec 22, 2019

  • [fixed] Fixed a problem with service restrictions
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@dswd dswd released this Dec 20, 2019

  • [added] Added service restrictions to systemd
  • [changed] Rust version 1.40.0
  • [changed] Also drop privileges in foreground mode
  • [changed] Set builders to Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7
  • [changed] Set keepalive to 120 secs when NAT is detected
  • [changed] Deleting beacon file at shutdown
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [fixed] Added parameter keepalive to manpage
  • [fixed] Fixed problems on stats file when dropping permissions
  • [fixed] Deleting files before overwriting them
  • [fixed] Fixed duplicate port bindings
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@dswd dswd released this Dec 4, 2019

  • [added] Exchange peer timeout and adapt keepalive accordingly
  • [added] Reducing published peer timeout to 5 min when NAT is detected
  • [added] Added more tests
  • [changed] Rust version 1.39.0
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [fixed] Fixed potential startup dependency issue
  • [fixed] Fixed wrong base62 encoding
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@dswd dswd released this Mar 21, 2019

  • [added] Added ability to publish small beacons for rendezvous
  • [added] Added build chain for packages
  • [added] Added more tests
  • [changed] Allow to build binary without manpage
  • [changed] Rust edition 2018
  • [changed] Rust version 1.33.0
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [fixed] Fixed bug that could cause repeated initialization messages
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