A less shitty DDS plugin for Paint.NET
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A less shitty DDS plugin for Paint.NET

Read and soon write DDS files, extremely fast, in your favorite image editor.

  • Read just about any DDS file (Including modern ones!)
  • Write to over 50 different DDS formats
  • Fast performance, easy to use installer


Download the latest Release.zip and extract the archive.

Next, launch FileTypeDDSInstaller.exe and run as admin if prompted to do so. Click install and wait, this will only take a few moments.

You may now launch Paint.NET and open a DDS file.


When Paint.NET has an update, you must re-run the installer, it will ensure that the plugin is up-to-date and ready to go.

This plugin is provided as-is with no warranty provided. Use at your own risk.

Wanna help? Send a message to Rick Brewster over at https://forums.getpaint.net/ asking for the ability to override default filetypes via plugins! This will make it easier to use our custom DDS plugin, without the need for an installer!