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@SvenKercher SvenKercher released this Feb 23, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

Sequence v1.3.0.0

  • Fix boost-1.66 incompatibilities
  • Update
  • Update copyrights
  • Fix QObject::connect: No such slot error
  • Fix warning for GenerateRandomString
  • Add LogPrint debug category
  • Fix debug.log error for stake report UI
  • Fix build warning in HD wallet RPC commands
  • Fix Incompatible sender/receiver signal/slot error
  • Fix segfault after running reindex
  • Update Splashscreen and Icons
  • Prevent stake thread from trying to find PoW hash
  • Remove redundant block header check
  • Fix issue that stops the staking thread
  • Change blockchain size to 2GB
  • Fix checkpoint data array in chainparams.cpp
  • Add checkpoint for block 1,000,000
  • Add stake modifiers for blocks 512000 & 1000000
  • Update Splitblock fee amount to reflect real fee.
  • Fix segfault when running daemon with disabled wallet (Issue #131)
  • Update ReadMe to include URL's
  • Add soft-fork via IsSuperMajority for fee indiscrepency
  • Increase Block Version to 3
  • Remove unneeded sections from the Information tab in Tools Window
  • Add DNS Seeders
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