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Craft CMS plugins, handmade in the Alps.

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  1. like like Public

    Let your users like your Craft website's entries, assets and any other element.

    PHP 44 8

  2. oauth oauth Public

    (Deprecated) Helps developers consume OAuth-based web services in Craft plugins.

    PHP 35 5

  3. follow follow Public

    Let your Craft users connect with each other.

    PHP 14 2

  4. twitter twitter Public

    Tweet field, search widget, embeds, and authenticated Twitter API requests for Craft CMS.

    PHP 13 12

  5. social-demo social-demo Public

    Demo templates for the Social plugin for Craft CMS

    HTML 11 3

  6. social social Public

    Social plugin for Craft CMS.

    PHP 11 6


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