Little SVG widget to display AppVeyor, TravisCI, CircleCI or Azure Pipelines build history charts and other SVG badges.
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A little SVG widget to display build history charts and other badges for public repositories.

Build status

Build History

Build History Chart


The SVG widget currently works for public repositories built with:

AppVeyorTravisCICircleCIAzure Pipelines

How it works

The base URL to the SVG widget is:{buildSystem}/chart/{account}/{project}[/{definitionId}]

Replace {buildSystem} with one of the supported build systems:

  • appveyor
  • travisci
  • circleci
  • azurepipelines

Replace {account} and {project} with your personal values.

For example displays the build history chart for this particular project.

The complete markdown for the above chart is as following:

[![Build history](](

The URL for an Azure Pipelines powered graph has an additional route argument for the definition ID which is an Azure Pipelines specific concept:


Filtering for a specific branch

By default the widget will render a chart for builds from all branches.

You can select a specific branch by appending the branch parameter to the URL (optional):{buildSystem}/chart/{account}/{project}?branch={branch}

Changing the number of builds

You can specify the maximum build count by appending the buildCount parameter to the URL (optional):{buildSystem}/chart/{account}/{project}?buildCount={number}

Excluding builds from a pull request

Use the includeBuildsFromPullRequest parameter to include or exclude builds from a pull request (optional):{buildSystem}/chart/{account}/{project}?includeBuildsFromPullRequest={true/false}

Hiding the text

You can hide the build stats by appending the showStats parameter to the URL (optional):{buildSystem}/chart/{account}/{project}?showStats={true/false}

Full URL

The full URL to the SVG widget is:{buildSystem}/chart/{account}/{project}[?buildCount={buildCount}&branch={branch}&includeBuildsFromPullRequest={includeBuildsFromPullRequest}&showStats={true/false}]

NuGet Badge

NuGet badges are in beta state at the moment.

The URL to the NuGet badge is:{packageName}

For example the badge and Markdown for the NUnit NuGet badge would be:

NuGet Badge

[![NuGet Badge](](

Including PreRelease packages

You can append the includePreReleases=true flag to include pre-release packages:

NuGet Badge

[![NuGet Badge](](

MyGet Badge

MyGet badges are in alpha state.

The URL to the MyGet badge is:{feedName}/{packageName}

For example the badge and Markdown for the NEventSocket MyGet badge would be:

MyGet Badge

[![MyGet Badge](](

API Documentation

For a complete API documentation please check out the attached api.raml or visit the public API Portal.

Docker image

You can also self host the application by running CI-BuildStats from a Docker container.


Feedback is welcome and pull requests get accepted.