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I created this to show people why playing Powerball is not a smart investment using graphs and an interactive app.
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I created this repository to show people why playing Powerball is not a smart investment. I did this by creating a simple simulation in R.

Here you will find four folders.

  1. Powerball1: Why millionaires do not play powerball
  2. Powerball2: Why you should not gamble on powerball
  3. Powerball3: Why powerball ticket (1,2,3,4,5,+6) has the same odds as a quickpick
  4. ShinyApp: Contains code to create interactive app in Shiny. Powerball Online App

Pdf files contain my output from the Rmd files. If you would like to run your own simulation using my code open the Rmd files. Make sure you also have R Studio intstalled on your computer. Or you can check out the link in the App folder to use an interactive simimulator.

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