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Tufte Bootstrap

Edward Tufte uses distinctive, simple, well-set typography; extensive sidenotes; and tight integration of graphics and charts. tufte-bootstrap brings that style to the Bootstrap framework.

This project is directly inspired Tufte CSS, which is based on Tufte-LaTeX and the R Markdown Tufte Handout.


Getting Started

The file index.html is a very simple example of what Tufte Bootstrap can do. You'll learn the most if you browse the example web page demo. You might also want to read the HTML markup.

Project Scope and Status

Tufte Bootstrap is a intended to become a Bootstrap theme. It is currently in a very early stage, as a simple css overwrite with bootstrap classes added in. Planned enhancements are listed among the issues and suggestions are welcome.


If you notice something wrong or broken, let us know by opening an issue, or better yet, a pull request with how you think it should be fixed.

Please document your issues and fixes thoroughly. This means a clear description of the concern, steps on how to reproduce it, and (if possible) before and after screenshots and links to prior discussions or commits. Please keep pull requests to one change at a time.

Fixes and new functionality should be tested against index.html on screens as small as an iPhone 4 and as big as, well, as big as you use normally. (If you don't have a mobile device handy, fake different devices with your browser's developer tools.)


  • Dylan Kinnett (project maintainer)
  • You?


Released under the MIT license. See LICENSE.


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