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LibreScribe is an effort to create an open source, easy-to-use and feature complete LiveScribe desktop client replacement for the Linux operating system. A large portion of the "behind-the-scenes" code is based off of libsmartpen, by Steven Walter. This project is licensed under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.
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Latest commit 5ed6ce8 @dylanmtaylor Merge pull request #40 from yonran/fix-stf-position-deltas
Fix parsing (x,y) byte deltas in stf file.
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cbp2make working on trying to fix the Makefile
include Update include/Smartpen.h
libusb adding .gitignore rules for libusb folder
res adding improved about dialog
src Fix: Renaming the Device Causes a Segmentation Fault
wxsmith fixing up about dialog to look better in Linux Mint 12
xdg moving things around a bit
LICENSE editing licensing
LibreScribe.cbp update project files to work with new layout
Makefile Update Makefile
WxWizFrame.fbp adding pen icon, beginning work on tree wrote a script to batch process all of the stf files into png images working on trying to fix the Makefile Fix parsing (x,y) byte deltas in stf file.
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