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Development for this App is discontinued. Thank you for the Support.

Video Demo

This App features the ability to get push updates on the latest FTP Releases on your desired platform (Android or iOS), access lookbooks, and purchase items from the FTP Shop. The app also features official updates from the FTP Twitter.

Have any question? feel free to Email me.

Development (iOS)

Clone the project & install the dependencies

Make sure you have your own Shopify Domain, API Key, and Shopify Channel ID. You can retrive this by simply setting up the Mobile App sales channel, to retrive your key, domain, and channel id.

If you don't have CocoaPods installed on your machine ensure to install it via bash.

sudo gem install cocoapods

If you don't cocoapods-keys installed ensure to install it via bash.

sudo gem install cocoapods-keys

Clone Project

git clone

cd ftp/ios

# Install dependencies
pod install

# Inside finder go into the <cloned directory>/ios and open up "FTP.xcworkspace"

iOS Dependencies/Libraries Used

MobileBuy SDK

Development (Server)

  • The server handles push notifications and the FTP Administration Panel.

  • The Administration Panel allows and I to make push notifications through out both clients (Android and iOS) using push-notify. In addition the server allows us to close or open the FTP store and change the closed store page (picture and message).

Development (Android)


Notes & Q&A ----------- - How to check the production key list and change there value? Here
- Will there be an Android version? Yes, there will be a complete Android version in the next upcoming days?
- Is this the official FTP App? Once was, no longer.


This repository is licensed under MIT. See LICENSE for the full license text.