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Quiz Demo is an Unity 5 mini-game used as proof of concept for the unity-tracker module.

The unity-tracker is used as a client that sends xAPI statements to the RAGE analytics collector server. The received statements are stored with the help of a Learning Record Store (OpenLRS) in order to create some xAPI dashboards.

The statements can also be processed by the rage-realtime-module if a class is started by a teacher and a realtime-analytics model is configured by a developer. This generates interesting realtime dashboards for the teacher.

A simple realtime analytics model for this Quiz Demo could look like this:


The Quiz Demo

The Demo consists of four simple screens.

First: Configure the tracking code and the host

The configuration process is very similar to the Lost in Space. If the game is exported, a track.txt file has to be created in the root project directory, into an Asset folder.

The track.txt file must be edited changing the host and trackingCode with the correct values. Normaly the host looks like this http://localhost:3000/api/proxy/gleaner/collector/ and the trackingCode normally looks like this.

For more tracker information and options see unity-tracker.

Second: The Game

All the interactions in the screens send xApi traces. This traces can be seen at the top panel (xApi Console).

The first screen propmts the player with a choice right before starting to play.


The second screen asks a multiple text-based choice question.


The third screen asks a similar question but this time using images instead of text as possible choices.


The last screen showns the player its score.


For each question correctly answered the score increses. Each time a question is answered wrong the score decreases. The maximum achievable score is 100.

For every interaction an xAPI statement is sent to the collector server and tracked by the real-time module - if correctly configured.

The xAPI statements sent have the following format:


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