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Try E2D3!

Just try it yourself!

To start, open "Office Store" on Excel 2013 or Excel online, and search for "E2D3" to insert your first chart. (It even works on Mac)

What is E2D3?

E2D3 is a free add-in application for Excel which will enable you to show interactive, fancy and interesting chart on your Excel sheet.

You should've probably seen a lot of cool and interactive data visualizations in the past. But if you have never done programming in your life, you would not even try it by yourself.

E2D3 provides an easy way for non-programmers to create a data visualizations without involving any coding, based on your Excel data.

You can do following things using E2D3:

  • Take an advantage of showing data visualizations in a presentation.
  • Find out an undiscovered information from the visualized data.
  • Visualize your data and share it on Twitter or Facebook.
  • (and much more...?)

Also, E2D3 is also a project for developers which aims to share the data visualization templates and publish them to E2D3.

This documentation mainly focuses for developers, so the following steps and pages describe about what you can develop and how to start developing and to contribute to E2D3 repository.

What Can I do With E2D3?

Surprisingly, everything which you can do with javascript works with E2D3.

More precisely, any javascript content which works on Internet Explorer 11 can be inserted into your Excel sheet using E2D3.

The project title contains “D3” which seems like you are limited to use only D3.js, but the truth is not. You do not even need to use D3.js library, but instead you can use any of javascript libraries to achieve what you want to do with Javascript.

This means, you can do so many things, not just drawing chart using D3.js. You can draw a 3D graphics using three.js. Even React.js works on it. Literally everything.

Also as you might notice that you can also use it for non data visualization purpose. For example you can use it for machine learning and display the result to a web browser. You may also be interested in creating a game which uses a map data described in your Excel sheet.


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