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Leaflet plugin for displaying markers on canvas instead of DOM. Working with Leaflet 1.0.0 and above. Feel free to contribute


There's a demo for 10000 points, running on Canvas

Installation and basic usage

Just download leaflet.canvas-markers.js from the dist folder and attach it to your project.

<script src="leaflet.canvas-markers.js"></script>

Now attach layer to map and some markers.

// Adds a layer
var ciLayer = L.canvasIconLayer({}).addTo(map);

// Marker definition
var marker =  L.marker([58.5578, 29.0087], {icon: icon});

// Adding marker to layer


Plugin was tested in Google Chrome v66 & IE11. There is results for 100000 markers:

Parameter Default Leaflet Markers Leaflet.Canvas-Markers
Memory used up to 2.8 Gb about 300 Mb
First load time 160-200 seconds <1 seconds
Zoom and move time more than 3 minutes 0.5 seconds

As you can see DOM operations are slow, so you should use canvas for a large number of markers.

You can also use L.circleMarker for your points with similar performance, but then you're limited to icon design.


  • addMarker(marker): Adds a marker to the layer.
  • addMarkers(markers): Adds a markers to the layer.
  • removeMarker(marker, redraw): Removes a marker from the layer. Set redraw to true if you want to redraw layer after marker remove
  • redraw(): Redraws the layer
  • addOnClickListener(eventHandler): Adds common click listener for all markers
  • addOnHoverListener(eventHandler): Adds a hover over listener for all markers

I also implemented binds for default addLayer, addLayers and removeLayer (equal to removeMarker(marker, true) methods.


crzo, Spaction