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Hello! Welcome to the sentinel1-opds wiki!

Here, we will demonstrate how users can access AWS Opendata Registry's sentinel1-slc-seasia-pds bucket and process the data for scientific studies and hazard monitoring.

S1 Single Look Complex (SLC) data are a Level 1 SAR product. SLC datasets are used to study natural hazards, subsidence, infrastructure monitoring, and many other applications. Our purpose of hosting S1 SLC dataset is to help users to study natural hazards in the defined area of interest. Therefore, we will provide case studies on the application of S1 SLC data in studying floods, earthquakes, and landslides. We believe these case studies will help the users to understand the workflow of the application of S1 SLC data.

  1. Accessing the sentinel1-slc-seasia-pds bucket
  2. Processing Sentinel 1 SLCs
    1. Kumamoto Earthquake Inteferogram


We would like to thank Amazon Web Services for providing the storage resources for this program. Also, special thanks to @pymonger and @hookhua for their contributions which are vital in making this possible.

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