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TV-Anytime maintenance repository

TV-Anytime is an ETSI specification that was first published in 2003.

The purpose of TV-Anytime is to provide a common data format for the publication of TV programmes using traditional broadcasting or on-demand services. TV-Anytime is a solution to describe programmes, schedules, services, schedules and catalogs.

TV-Anytime was a precursor in proposing solutions for personalisation and recommendations. For that reason, TV-Anytime also describes users and usage.

The TV-Anytime specification has also been adopted and adapted for Radio.

For the past 10+ years, with one maintenance phase every 12 to 18 months, the maintenance of TV-Anytime has mainly focused on part 3-1 of the specification.

More information on TV-Ayntime and a quick access to the other parts of the specification here:

More information about the ETSI TS 102-822 series of TV-Anytime can be found on the ETSI website / from where the documents can be downloaded.

Before doing anything, please read the editing guidelines in