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NOTE: Latest PowerShell versions already have Clipboard functionalities out of the box: Get-Clipboard and Set-Clipboard Cmdlets, gcb and scb aliases.

So, I would recommended everyone updating PowerShell rather them using PSClip.

PowerShell module for clipboard manipulation. It provides two functions:

  • Set-ClipboardText: Sets clipboard content with provided text, which can be passed as parameter, or read from pipeline
  • Get-ClipboardText: Returns clipboard content;

This module also provides two aliases:

  • scb: alias to Set-ClipboardText
  • gcb: alias to Get-ClipboardText


Windows 10 users:

Install-Module PSClip -Scope CurrentUser

Otherwise, if you have PsGet installed:

Install-Module PSClip

Or you can install it manually coping PSClip.psm1 to your modules folder (e.g. $Env:USERPROFILE\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\PSClip\)