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Comparing variables was never been that easy and clear like using penis.js. You can use it in your websites or in your node application.


Traditional comparing:

var a = 'foo';
var b = 'bar';
if(a === b) alert('true')

penis.js comparing:

if(B===D) alert('true');

Soft or hard penis comparing:


var softPenisCompareResult = B==D; // true
var hardPenisCompareResult = B===D; // false

// or...
var continent = B===D ? 'Africa' : 'Asia';

Penis is compatible with AMD, commonjs, or can be just included as a script tag in a browser.

You can install penis as a node module with:

npm install edankwan/penis.js

You can then use it by requiring it:

var penis = require('penis');

Bower is also supported:

bower install penis.js

If your browser supports Object.defineProperty, you can use the balls and head properties to set these properties instead:

penis.balls = '1';
penis.head = 1;

B==D; // true
B===D; // false

When you've finished with your current penis, you can reset to get your global B and D back:

D = 'dick';



D == 'dick' // true;


penis.js uses the global variables "B" and "D" such that you can use the awesome command "B==D" to compare 2 variables everywhere.


run npm test or testling to run the test suite.


penis.js is currently under Giant Penis License (GPL) which is a deformed M.I.T license including penis text art.

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