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Semantic search web application with graph visualization in Django.
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Semantic Graph

Django application for semantic search using RDF standards.

It implements graph visualisation with GraphViz and data inference with SPARQL queries, and supports reading and writing of N-Triples, N3 and RDF/XML documents.

Additionally, data is stored in Sesame triple store following a OWL ontology specification.


Once Semantic Graph has been deployed and triples have been added to the triple store, you can use the Browse section to query any entity (subject or object) and find every semantic relationship associated with it, published using FOAF (Friend of a Friend), SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) and Microformats Species standards.


Additionally, you can use the Graph section to query triples and observe a relationship graph between them. You can add multiple subjects, predicates and objects, and search these simultaneously, generating a graph that merges all common entities and triples without duplicating nodes.


Getting Started

Download the latest release and run the following command:

python runserver

The app will be deployed to, which you can access from a browser. You can then use the provided graphical interface to add triples manually or import a RDF file in the N-Triples, N3 or XML format.

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