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A static web site generator for producing course web sites from PDF, markdown and video content. For example this site here is generated using this tool.

It exhibits some of the main features of the site. Here is a portfolio of a variety of courses:

Here is a complete programme (in progress):

Here is a course on using tutors:

It is for a previous version - so some details have changed a little. The course was developed using tutors - the course 'source' is here:

Quick Start

Make sure you have node.js installed.

Normally the LTS version would be the most suitable. You should also have git installed:

Once these are installed, enter this command:

npm install tutors-ts -g

This will install the tutors command globally on your workstation. Now, to create a starter template course, enter this command:

tutors-ts --new

This will create a new course, populated with some template talks, resources and labs. To build the course, enter the following:

cd tutors-starter-0


A folder called './public-site-uk' will be generated containing a html site of the course.

You could also identify a course this portfolio:

The source repos for the above courses are here:

Any repo with a 'src' suffix is a 'source' repo for tutors-ts. If you clone it and run `tutors-ts' in the cloned folder the site will be generated in 'public-site-uk'



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