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Public roadmap for the Edge Network
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Edge Roadmap

This roadmap provides a guide of the current expectations for delivery. It is subject to change and will be regularly updated as priorities change and new requirements are confirmed.


Consul KV Migration

Migration from using Consul to store network configurations to an RPC method. This will reduce load on the network, reduce latency between Stargate boot and config propagation, and reduce the number of open ports on Stargate.

API 6 Migration

Migrating the API 6.x makes it possible to offer application tokens in preperation for an Edge CLI upgrade which will see users only required to log in once.

Stake watch service

As part of a two-phase approach to onboarding automation, a process will be built to initially monitor a wallet but eventually a contract to determine the status of a device stake.

DB data backup

As part of a routine improvement plan for network resilience, databases are to be backed up to multiple sites.

Migrate all internal services to managed deployment

An improvement to the deployment process introducing automation.

Persist Gateway requests and data transfer per domain

Increasing the accuracy of usage calculations by persisting the data transfer and request count through Gateway from telemetry.


Rebuild of the existing UI as a webapp.

Telemetry for request and payload data

Gathering various data points through the use of a secure Prometheus endpoint.

Stake transfer (CLI only)

CLI to allow the transfer of stake and the selection of available stake during the onboarding process.

Migrate data to new platform

Migrating disk stored data to the new containered platform.

Launch new Console + rollout of API 6.X support

Testing and deployment of the new webapp Console.

Redirect API requests to new API server (post-API 6.x release)

Redirect service as part of the migration from legacy API to API 6.x

Disk cache

Enhancing the cache by adopting a disk cache to support the existing memory cache.

CDN Gif support

GIF resizing support in CDN.

CDN PNG Background colour

Support for PNG background colour and background height/width property.

CDN Data view

Introduce json, toml and xml parameter to output image data including colour palette data.


DNS zone support

Support for zones to remove the potential for conflicting DNS records after ownership change.

Migrate all internal services to managed deployment — Phase 2

Further tasks to complete the migration to a fully managed deployment stack.

Remote logging capture (core services only)

Remote logging for all core services to improve disk performance and mitigate the potential for disk availability errors.

Alerts for all critical warnings

Critical warnings to be part of an alerting service for core team.

Sync build digests with API for Agent, Host and CDN

Build digests to be persisted in the core database automatically after build.

Billing calculation based on Persist Gateway requests and data transfer per domain

Billing service to calculate accurate usage using Gateway telemetry on a per domain basis.

Console Payments

Payment platform to accept fiat payments and conversion to $EDGE through the new console.

Exposed public API for third party integration.

Public API to expose device data. Limited, but with optional high limit user keys on request.

CDN use GRPC for config

CDN to be configured via encrypted RPC request.

CDN use key instead of domain

Requests to CDN to be made with an app key rather than a domain as a security measure.

CDN device benchmarking on launch

Devices to benchmark CDN on boot to establish a device scoring.

CLI MacOS support

CLI to support MacOS.

Migrate Services away from Consul

Services to be indexed outside of Consul.

Storage Beta release

Storage to offer non-persisted limited beta for first phase of distribution tests.

CDN Cache invalidation (phase 1)

On a per Gateway basis the clearance of cached files should be possible when authentication is provided.


DNS in Console

Interface for creation and editing of DNS zones and records.

CLI Watch service

A command line interface visualiser of device telemetry.

Storage persisted

Persist storage data after device redeployment.

Store DNS usage

Capture and store DNS telemetry from Stargate.

Telemetry on Agent

Improve telemetry and re-introduce proxy service for Agent.

Telemetry on Host

Improve telemetry and re-introduce proxy service for Host.

Payouts based on Host usage

Accurate payment mechanism to include uptime as well as network traffic and request counts.

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