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This plugin attempts to override user/workspace settings with settings found in .editorconfig files. No additional or vscode-specific files are required. As with any EditorConfig plugin, if root=true is not specified, EditorConfig will continue to look for an .editorconfig file outside of the project.

This repository is specific to the EditorConfig Extension for Visual Studio Code. Internally, it uses the editorconfig npm package, which is one of a few EditorConfig cores available.

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Feel free to submit any issues you may have via the issue tracker.


When identifying an extension, provide the full name of the form publisher.extension. For this extension, that's editorconfig.editorconfig.

See Extension Marketplace for more information on the multiple ways of installing VSCode extensions.

Supported Properties

  • indent_style
  • indent_size
  • tab_width
  • end_of_line (on save)
  • insert_final_newline (on save)
  • trim_trailing_whitespace (on save)

On the backlog

  • charset

How it works

This extension is activated whenever you open a new text editor, switch tabs into an existing one or focus into the editor you already have open. When activated, it uses editorconfig to resolve the configuration for that particular file and applies any relevant editor settings.

Note: some settings can only be applied on file save, as indicated above.

A new .editorconfig file can be created via the Explorer sidebar's context menu by right-clicking in the folder where you'd like it to be and selecting Generate .editorconfig.

Known Issues




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