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a textfile based TinyWebDB implement.
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a textfile based TinyWebDB implement. not any db required.

TinyWebDB Protocol:

Action URL Post Parameters Response
Get Value {ServiceURL}/getvalue tag JSON: ["VALUE","{tag}", {value}]
Store A Value {ServiceURL}/storeavalue tag,value JSON: ["STORED", "{tag}", {value}]


  • TinyWebDB API
    • handle storevalue request, then save to a textfile.
    • handle getvalue request and return content from the textfile.
  • Test Form:
    • send storevalue request
    • send getvalue request
  • Tag View
    • List all tags
    • The tags link to getvalue API
  • Log tail viewer
    • Daily log file
    • last 20 lines view


  1. create an Apache virtual host
  2. Enable .htaccess. (set AllowOverride to All)
  3. clone all files to virture host root.

Test site URL :

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