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Feed JS - Standalone JavaScript template engine

This utility exists because feeding a template using javascript should be "a piece of cake". You certainly don't need to be dealing with all sort of crazy sintax and place holders when there is a much simpler, straight forward and efficient aproach.

Feed JS tries it best to adhere to simplicity, while keeping things flexible and smart.


None :)

Utility methods

If you want to use Feed JS at string level prototype then all you need to do is call the following method (once) at the begining of your application.



Feeding a template with a simple JSON.

var template = "Hello {{name}}";
var data = { name: 'World' };

Feed( template, data );	// "Hello World"

Feeding a template with a JSON array.

var template = "Hello {{name}}";
var data = [ {name:'foo'}, {name:'var'} ];

Feed( template, data, 'json' );	// ["Hello foo", "Hello var"]

Feeding a template with a JSON header array. In this case the first element of the array is a JSON object and its properties contain the index at which their values are on the subsequet rows.

var data = [
    { name: 0, email: 1 },
    [ 'Maria', '' ],
    [ 'Jose', '' ],
    [ 'Pedro', '' ],
    [ 'Arturo', '' ]

Feed( "{{name}}: {{email}}", data );

// ["Maria:", "Jose:", "Pedro:", "Arturo:"]