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Wordpress theme bootstrap twitter by eewee

Theme made ​​by eewee for CMS Wordpress. The theme is responsive design with the help of twitter bootstrap.


The first theme available on the wordpress platform, you will taste the experience of responsible design for your website. It was designed with the "twitter bootstrap." Visibility is not only dedicated device to PC / MAC. Today we must also think of various media such as tablets & smartphones. Here's a quick overview of the possibilities that will offer you this free theme for wordpress.


The purpose of the theme (free) WordPress is to propose a comprehensive framework for WordPress theme. With various useful tools:

  • A slider photos
  • A menu responsive design
  • From content
  • The news in the form of three columns
  • A summary of your news
  • Your RSS Twitter & Facebook
  • A manageable via the admin footer WordPress

News accordion

System to broadcast your news as you accordion. Allowing the user to consult on a small area of ​​a larger number of events, news, short content.

News tabs

In the same spirit that the accordion system above, with a tab system offering the user to consume your content quickly and easily in a minimum of space. Of course not forgetting the social side with a nice tool AddThis (more info). You will be able to propose sharing your news, via facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc ...


The menu of your WordPress website will be able, thanks to this free theme, adapt according to your user's device (PC / MAC, tablet, smartphone). The power of responsible design will speak. The internet lying on a tablet or smartphone case will no longer click on the big gray square on the right menu to see if last and be able to navigate its way to your website in WordPress.


The footer (footer) is also manageable via the admin CMS WordPress. You will be able to quickly and save yourself the various details of your business, company (address, complement address, city, zip code, office phone, fax, mobile phone, email address, company name, etc ...)

More information on [] (


πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Theme made ​​by eewee for CMS Wordpress. The theme is responsive design with the help of twitter bootstrap.







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