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IJ is a build tool using Docker containers.


A build is defined by a sequence of tasks which perform some unit of work (e.g. building a binary, running integration tests, pushing artifacts to a remote server), usually within a docker container. This ensures that the development host stays clean, and that the exact build dependencies are available within the container (no more development tool version hell). The build process is defined by assembling a sequence of tasks into a plan. A build is simply the invocation of one or more plans. A project's config file declares tasks and plans which builds the project.


Simply run go install


There are currently four IJ subcommands (run, login, logout, clean, and rotate-logs) each discussed below. The following command line flags are applicable for all IJ commands.

Name Short Flag Description
config f The path to the config file. If not supplied, ij.yaml and ij.yml are attempted in the current directory.
env e Set an environment variable. Use -e VAR=VAL to set an explicit value for the variable VAR. Use -e VAR to use the host value of $VAR.
env-file The path to an environment file.
no-color Disable colorized output.
verbose v Show debug-level output.

Run Command

This command can be invoked as ij [run]? (plan-name)*. The run keyword is assumed if not supplied. This command runs a series of plans or metaplans defined in the config file. If no plan-names are supplied, the plan named default is invoked.

Name Short Flag Description
cpu-shares c The proc limit for run task containers.
force-sequential Disable running tasks in parallel.
healthcheck-interval How frequently to check the health of service containers.
keep-workspace k Do not prune the scratch directory (useful for debugging failed plans).
login Login to registries before invoking plans and logout from registries after (useful for builds that push image artifacts).
memory m The memory limit for run task containers.
ssh-identity An additional SSH key fingerprint required to be present in the host's SSH agent.
ssh-agent-container Mount your ~/.ssh directory into a container and start an ssh-agent. This is required for using SSH keys on Windows.
timeout The maximum time a build plan can run in total.

Login Command

This command can be invoked as ij login. Login to all registries defined in the config file.

Logout Command

This command can be invoked as ij logout. Logout from all registries defined in the config file.

Rotate Logs Command

This command can be invoked as ij rotate-logs. Remove all but the most recent run from the .ij directory in the current project.

Clean Command

This command can be invoked as ij clean. Remove files exported from the workspace on previous runs.

Name Short Flag Description
--force Do not prompt before removing files or directories.

Show Config Command

This command cna be invoked as ij show-config. This will print the effective config after resolving inheritance and extension. This output of this command, if successful, should also be another valid config file.


This project is a spiritual and technical successor to rw_grim/convey. All source in this project is licensed under GPLv3+.


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