Tools for devleoping KML


= kamelopard: Ruby gem to simplify production of KML


This repository has been deprecated; Kamelopard is now hosted on Google Code as
part of the Liquid Galaxy project.

This gem simplifies generating KML files, especially those used by Google
Earth. See for
information on KML. The KML reference will provide information on undocumented
attributes from these classes.

== Requirements

It's probably best to use a fairly non-prehistoric verion of Ruby, as that's
what's most frequently tested.

== Installation

Install via RubyGems:

  gem install kamelopard

From source:

  rake install

== Copying

This code is copyrighted by the author, Joshua Tolley <>

== License and distribution

You may redistribute this software under the terms of the Ruby license,
included in the file "LICENSE". The Ruby license also allows distribution
under the terms of the GPL, included in the file "GPL".

== Acknowledgements

Thanks to End Point Corporation ( for support for the project.