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Ruby client for Egnyte's Public API.
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Ruby Egnyte

This SDK is no longer supported by Egnyte. It continues to be available as-is and pull requests will be merged, but no support will be provided.

A feature-rich Ruby client for the Egnyte API.

Special thanks to the folks at and Yesware, Inc. who got this library off to a great start.

Build Status


  • Create a session object with your Egnyte API Key
  • Create an authorize url and direct a user to it, to retrieve an access_token for their account.
require 'egnyte'

session ={
    key: 'api_key',
    domain: 'egnyte_domain'

# direct the user to the authorize URL generated,
# the callback provided will be executed with an access token.

  • Create a client, with the authenticated session.
@client =

The client initialized, we can start interacting with the Egnyte API.


  • Fetching a folder
folder = @client.folder('/Shared')
p # outputs 'Shared'.
  • Listing files in a folder.
@client.folder('/Shared/Documents/').files.each {|f| p}
# outputs "IMG_0440.JPG", "IMG_0431.JPG"
  • Creating a folder.
new_folder = @client.folder('/Shared/Documents/').create('banana')
p new_folder.path # a new folder was created /Shared/Documents/banana
  • Deleting a folder.
folder = @client.folder('/Shared/Documents/banana')


  • Fetching a file
file = @client.file('/Shared/example.txt')
p # example.txt.
  • Deleting a file.
  • Uploading a file.
local_path = "./LICENSE.txt"
filename = "LICENSE.txt"

folder = @client.folder('Shared/Documents/') local_path ) do |data|
 folder.upload(filename, data)
  • Downloading a file.
file = @client.file('/Shared/Documents/LICENSE.txt')

Rate limitations

There are rate limitations on a per-token basis in the Egnyte API: per second, and daily quota.

The library raises a Egnyte::RateLimitExceededPerSecond when you go over your alloted rate per second, and raises a Egnyte::RateLimitExceededQuota when you go over your alloted daily quota. Both exceptions contain a retry_after value.

You can also instantiate the session with the optional keyword variable retries: 5 e.g.:

session =
           {access_token: 'secret-token', domain: 'egnyte_domain', username: 'me'}, 
           :implicit, # or :password for internal apps 
           0.0, # backoff of 0 makes sense if you are retrying 
           retries: 5)


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request
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