Elegant Markdown Editor.
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You can manually download the latest release here


  • It just suits, show editor or preview or both just as you wish.
  • Focus mode, writing without distractions.
  • Exportable, from Markdown to HTML/PDF... You name it.
  • Supporting math typesetting, good for students and professionals.
  • Auto-sync files to GitHub Gist after being saved, optional.



Pull requests are always welcome! Check out the these issues to get started fast.

  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device
  2. Install the dependencies: yarn
  3. Build the code and watch for changes: yarn watch
  4. In a new tab, start the application: yarn start

If you want to build the binary for a specified platform, run the command:

$ yarn mac    # .dmg
$ yarn win    # .exe
$ yarn linux  # .deb

After that, you'll see the binaries in the ./dist folder!


If you are enjoying this app, please consider making a donation to keep it alive, I will try my best to dedicate more time or even full time to work on it. 😉

If you are not available for this, simply spreading the word for us would help too!