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Grokking Algorithms

This is the code in my book Grokking Algorithms.

Check out Python Tutor, a great website that guides you through Python code line by line.


Here's the errata page.


This repository contains every image in Grokking Algorithms in high resolution. These images are available for non-commercial use. If you use an image, please add "copyright Manning Publications, drawn by". You are welcome to use these images in any non-commercial materials (i.e. teaching materials, presentations, etc.)


  • The examples in this book are written in Python, but I'd like examples in Ruby, JavaScript, C, and other languages too. Please add examples in other languages!
  • Pull request are the quickest way to contribute to this repository but unfortunately I am not as responsive to them as I'd like to be. I'll get to them but it might take a while!
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