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Gedit 3 python plugin for recording a playingback macros.
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Gedit Macropy v1.1.0 - May. 07, 2013

This is a plugin for Gedit 3 (, the official text editor 
of the GNOME desktop environment. This plugin is for Gedit versions 3 and 
above. **This plugin is NOT compatible with Gedit 2.x**.

This plugin allows to record and execute macros with Gedit 3. It adds menu
options and buttons to the menu-bar for rapid access. It only allows one macro
at a time. To execute a macro the shortcut ctrl+alt+m is available.

Changes from previous version (all adam-yorba contributions):
- Now compatible with python 3 for Gedit 3.8.
- New makefile to ease the installation.


1. Download the source code from this repository.
2. Unzip the file and cd into the folder with a console. If you have a gedit version 
previous to 3.8, change the line *Loader=python3* of the *macropy.plugin* 
file to *Loader=python* (that is, to erase the 3).
3. Run the command "make install" and you're done. The default location 
  folder is ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins, but can be changed by editing the makefile.
4. To uninstall the plugin just run the command "make uninstall" in the unzipped folder.
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