Node bindings to the Box Content API using the new AppAuth JWT auth system
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Box AppAuth SDK


You will need to create a Box account and proper public/private keys, and register them with Box.


var appAuth = require('box-appauth');

	publicKey : Your public key,
	privateKey : Your private key,
	algorithm : one of ['RS256','RS384','RS512'], Default 'RS256'
	issuer : The same as #clientId,
	subject : An app id(#user) or enterprise id(#enterprise),
	subjectType : 'user' or 'enterprise',
	clientId : Your client id,
	clientSecret : Your client Secret,
    publicKeyId: The id of your public key,
    callRetryMax: The number of call retries before giving up,
    minutesUntilTokenRefresh: Lifespan of a token in minutes. Must be >= 5 & <=50
.then(function(api) { something with the Promise based api

	.then(function(resultOfMethodA) {
	   return api.folder.methodB()
	.then(function(resultOfMethodB) {
	    // etc across as many calls as you'd like, all
	    // executed "sequentially".
	.catch(function(err) {

.catch(function(err) {
	console.log("** Unable to authenticate **", err);


You will need to create a .credentials.js folder in the root of the application using this module.

This file should look something like this:

"use strict";

var fs = require('fs');
var path = require('path');

module.exports = {
	publicKey : fs.readFileSync(path.resolve('./rsa/public_key.pem')),
	privateKey : fs.readFileSync(path.resolve('./rsa/private_key.pem')),
	algorithm : 'RS256',
	issuer : '<same as #clientId>',
	subject : '<an app id(#user) or enterprise id(#enterprise)>',
	subjectType : '<user or enterprise>',
	clientId : '<your client id>',
	clientSecret : '<your client Secret>',
    publicKeyId: '<the id of your public key>

To run all tests:

node test


npm test

To run individual, or a few individual, tests look in the test/spec folder and use the file names:

node test folders
node test folders folder_graph