Static site generator written in AWK, Bash and Scotch. They told me I couldn't... so I did.
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Kackle Static Site Generator

Kackle was designed for self reliance. No crazy language stacks to mange, no software dependencies to track. You shouldn't need 100M of libraries to publish a blog or website. With Kackle it only depends on languages found on a base install of OpenBSD.


Head over to the github releases page here to pickup the most recent release. Checkout the master branch if you're brave ok with things breaking.


  • gnu-coreutils: Required for building
  • pandoc: Compile markdown to html
  • gnu-make: Required for running Makefile.
  • HTML::Entities: Optional, ensures web safe filenames
  • HTML::Packer: Optional, compress outputted HTML


Add kackle/bin to your path and you're good to go. Run kackle -s to create a skeleton project in the current working directory.

[ehouse@myon kackle]$ cd sample
[ehouse@myon sample]$ make
  CREATE -> /Users/ehouse/Projects/kackle/sample/src/blog/
  BUILD src/blog/ -> /Users/ehouse/Projects/kackle/sample/out/blog/index.html
  BUILD src/blog/ -> /Users/ehouse/Projects/kackle/sample/out/blog/post1.html
  BUILD src/blog/ -> /Users/ehouse/Projects/kackle/sample/out/blog/post2.html
  BUILD src/blog/ -> /Users/ehouse/Projects/kackle/sample/out/blog/post3.html
  BUILD src/ -> /Users/ehouse/Projects/kackle/sample/out/index.html
  COPY ./static/ -> /Users/ehouse/Projects/kackle/sample/out

New posts can be created with kackle -p command. It will run through a set of questions to setup a new post.


Kackle fits two use cases that few other static site generators aim to hit. It's simple, easily hackable and only offers what you see. No fancy bells or whistles to distract you from what matters, writing content.

Assuming everything works the first time ;)

But why?

It was fun