An Java encoder/decoder for the VCDIFF (RFC3284) format
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A Java port of Google's open-vcdiff vcdiff (RFC3284) implementation. It's currently synced with open-vcdiff 0.8.4.





compile 'com.davidehrmann.vcdiff:vcdiff-core:0.1.1'


Encoding (compressing)

byte[] dictionary = ...;
byte[] uncompressedData = ...;
OutputStream compressedData = ...;

// OutputStream (like GZIPOutputStream) and stream-based encoders are
// also available from the builder.
VCDiffEncoder<OutputStream> encoder = VCDiffEncoderBuilder.builder()

encoder.encode(uncompressedData, compressedData);

Decoding (decompressing)

byte[] dictionary = ...;
byte[] compressedData = ...;
OutputStream uncompressedData = ...;

// InputStream (like GZIPInputStream) and stream-based decoders are
// also available from the builder.
VCDiffDecoder decoder = VCDiffDecoderBuilder.builder().buildSimple();
decoder.decode(dictionary, compressedData, uncompressedData);

Command line usage

The command line wrapper for java-vcdiff is generally compatble with the open-vcdiff implementation:

# Compress original with dictionary dict to compressed.vcdiff
java com.davidehrmann.vcdiff.VCDiffFileBasedCoder encode -dictionary dict -delta compressed.vcdiff -target original

# Decompress compressed.vcdiff with dictionary dict to decompressed
java com.davidehrmann.vcdiff.VCDiffFileBasedCoder decode -dictionary dict -delta compressed.vcdiff -target decompressed

# Usage details
java com.davidehrmann.vcdiff.VCDiffFileBasedCoder help

The command line tool is available in the Central Repository




compile 'com.davidehrmann.vcdiff:vcdiff-cli:0.1.1'



xdelta3 has extensions that aren't currently supported by vcdiff-java: the application header, adler32 checksum, and secondary compression. When encoding, passing -S -A -n to xdelta3 will disable these features.

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