A little script to convert less to sass files
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A little script to convert less to sass files

Note: Due to the nature of less and sass it does not do a completely perfect conversion. You will have to do some manual work :-(


npm install -g less2sass


You can run less2sass on a single file or on entire directory. It will recurse through the directory and convert any less files to scss, preserving the directory structure.

less2sass <path_to_less_file_or_directory>


  • This does not really convert colour functions, it makes a best attempt but most colour functions will need to be ported over manually
  • It does not convert to proper .sass yet. Only to .scss
  • It may be buggy so you have to check your code but hopefully this script will save you some time. If you come across a bug, please create an issue. Better yet, a pull request!