Linux CEC driver for SECO X86 Boards
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CEC Linux Driver for SECO X86 Boards

Sources for SECO CEC Driver. Based on Linux CEC Framework.

Compatible with:

  • UDOO X86 (all versions)


Make sure you have Linux kernel headers >= 4.14 and the firmware version >= 1.04. Refer to [this][] page about FW update process.

# install dependencies (make, git, ecc..)
sudo apt install git build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`

# clone repo
git clone

# go to dir
cd secocec

# compile

The module should appear as seco-cec.ko.


This module depends on the Linux CEC Framework Module, and it needs to be loaded first.

modprobe cec

Note: this module conflicts with the official SMBus driver i2c-i801 and therefore it needs to be blacklisted. On Ubuntu should already be blacklisted.

echo "blacklist i2c-i801" > /etc/modprobe.d/i2c-i801.conf

Load the module:

insmod seco-cec.ko



To test the device from userspace (/dev/cec0), there are several programs ready to use in v4l-utils tools package (available to install via apt):

  • cec-ctl: An application to control cec devices
  • cec-compliance: An application to verify remote CEC devices
  • cec-follower: An application to emulate CEC followers

Check the corresponding man pages for info.

When loaded, the CEC framework will spawn an RC input device for the RC Passthrough Feature. It can be managed with the IR framework and tools (eg.: ir-keytable).

Consumer IR

The driver manages also the IR receiver, when loaded it will generate automatically an RC input device.

It can be managed via ir-keytable as well.


To compile the module with debug messages:

make DEBUG=1

Feel free to open issues or mail me directly. Make sure to include dmesg, lsmod, etc.. in the bug report.


Author: Ettore Chimenti
Thanks to: Hans Verkuil

Copyright (C) 2018, Seco Srl
Copyright (C) 2018, Aidilab