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Provides an integration between EdgeOS (Ubiquity) routers to Home Assistant, Creates the following components:

  • Binary Sensor - per monitored device whether it's connected, attributes: IP, MAC, Bytes / Bps (Sent / Received)
  • Binary Sensor - per interface - whether its connected, attributes: MAC, Duplex, Link Speed (Mbps), Addresses, Packets / Bytes / Errors / Dropped Packets / Bps (Sent / Received)
  • Sensor - System up-time, attributes: CPU, Memory, API Last Update, WS Last Update
  • Sensor - Number of Unknown Devices (Not part of DHCP Static Address), attributes - IP of devices

When setting device_tracker domain it will add per host device tracker, "unsee" command takes place after 1 hour due to EdgeOS late update


  • EdgeRouter User with 'Operator' level access or higher
  • Traffic Analysis set to 'Hosts only' or 'Enabled'

Example configuration.yaml

    host: !secret edge_os_host #Hostname / IP
    ssl: !secret edge_os_ssl #Supports SSL (true/false) - should be true
    username: !secret edge_os_username #Username of EdgeOS
    password: !secret edge_os_password #Password of EdgeOS
    cert_file: !secret ssl_certificate #Path to the certificate (full-chain)
    monitored_interfaces: #List of interfaces
        - eth0
    monitored_devices: #List of network devices to monitor
        - my-iPhone
        - PC1
        - PC2
    unit: 'M' #Optional - Allowed values: '' - represents bytes, 'K' - Kilobytes, 'M' - Megabytes

  - platform: edgeos
    hosts: #List of network devices to treat as device tracker
      - my-iPhone


    - components
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