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Executes a CGI script using parameters from a .yaml file
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== runCGI ==

runCGI was written for testing purposes. It's input is a
YAML[1] file, describing a CGI execution. It would try to
execute the CGI script, like the server would. Setting the
required environment variables, etc.

That way, it's easier to debug CGI scenerio, as well as
testing a certain CGI scripts with a known and well defined

You might argue that in 2011, CGI is a bit dated, apparantly
there are still software packages who uses that, and I hope
it'll be for the benefit of even one frustrated programmer
who must work on a heap of legacy code.

== Usage Example ==

Let's assume I'm having a cgi script in /var/cgi-bin/a.cgi
and I want to run a POST query to it with variable q set
to 1. I'll write a YAML file

    $ cat postq.yaml
    method: post
    _exec: /var/cgi-bin/a.cgi
      q: 1

Then I'll execute it with runCGI

    $ runCGI postq.yaml

Hopefully, `runCGI` will execute `a.cgi` just like Apache
would. It can even work with scripts. If the default
environment variables aren't good enough for your cgi
program, set them in the topmost level of the cgi.

    ENV_VARIABLE: env_variable_value
    _exec: ruby
      - -I/opt
      - cgi.rb

See the `test/` directory for more usage examples.

== Running Multiple cgi scripts ==

If multiple yaml files are supplied to `runCGI`, it
would execute them in parallel and redirect output
to `/dev/null`, assuming you intend to run them all
for a specific side effect.

== Portability ==

Currently it is known to work in Linux only. However I
tried to make it as portable as I could. I assumed a
POSIX environment.

Portability issues:

1. path separators in `paths.h` should be overrided
   for windows.

2. `/dev/null` should be overrided for Windows, or
   use a different approach altogether.

3. POSIX layers that should be emulated in Windows
   include execv, getenv, basedir/basename (I
   actually intend to get rid of this dependency in 
   the near future).

== Todo ==

1. Add support for files upload.

2. Make runCGI compilable with mingw

== Known bugs ==

All parameters starting with underscore (`_`) in the
outermost YAML file, will be treated as configuration
and will not be treated as environment varaible.

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