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A tldr client in Go focusing on speed.
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A tldr client in Go, focusing on speed by storing pages in a database.

tldr is a collection of simplified, community-driven man pages. This application provides a fast and convenient access to these pages from the command line.

Here you see this client displaying the tldr page for Go: screenshot

As already mentioned is this client written in Go, we also uses etcd's bbolt database which makes this client super fast.

Apart from being fast, the choice of Go also allows us to support all platforms which Go compiles to.


You can use Go's tooling

go get
go install

or download a binary for Linux or Windows from the release page.

Bash completion

On platforms that support it you can add bash completion by running:

sudo env "PATH=$PATH" sh -c "tldr --bash-completion > /etc/bash_completion.d/tldr"
sudo chmod 644 /etc/bash_completion.d/tldr


  • You can print the tldr page for a command by using:
    tldr command
  • This client downloads all tldr pages on the first run (resulting in a database of about 800 KB) which should only take a couple of seconds. To redownload the pages and rebuild the database you can use:
    tldr -u
    The database is then stored in the cache directory of your platform.
  • If you want all the commands matching a grep style regex, let's say g[ie]t$, use:
    tldr -s 'g[ie]t$'
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