Methods for running simulations to calculate Voter Satisfaction Efficiency (VSE) of various voting systems in various conditions.
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Voter Satisfaction Efficiency

These are some methods for running VSE (Voter Satisfaction Efficiency) simulations for various voting systems.

See Voter Satisfaction Efficiency for an explanation of the methods and results.

Installing the code

Requirements: python3, scipy, pydoc

Testing uses pydoc, which should make most things pretty self-documenting.


python3 -m doctest
python3 -m doctest
python3 -m doctest

Running simulations


$ python3
>>> csvs = CsvBatch(PolyaModel(), [[Score(), baseRuns], [Mav(), medianRuns]], nvot=5, ncand=4, niter=3)
>>> csvs.saveFile()

and look for the results in SimResults1.csv