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Electrode Native is a mobile platform that streamlines the integration of React Native components into existing mobile applications. With minimal changes required to the application code base and infrastructure, Electrode Native makes it simpler to leverage React Native potential in any mobile application.

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Getting Started


  • Node.js >= 12
  • npm >= 5.6.0
  • Android Studio (for Android apps)
  • Xcode >= 10 (for iOS apps)
  • CocoaPods (if using a version of React Native >= 0.60)


npm install -g electrode-native


The documentation of Electrode Native is maintained as GitBook pages in the docs directory. It is divided into multiple sections:

This should be read first, as an introduction to learn about what is Electrode Native or what is a MiniApp. This section also contains some documentation regarding the Electrode Native workflow, native dependencies management or JS/Native communication.

  • A Platform Reference section

This section covers each Electrode Native module in depth, such as Container, Cauldron, Manifest, Apis ...

  • A CLI command reference section

In this section you will find a documentation page for each of the CLI commands available in Electrode Native, for example create-miniapp, run-android, platform use ...


We embrace contributions, be it documentation, issue reporting, or contributing code.

Please read our CONTRIBUTING guide for more details on how to contribute.

Further Reading


Copyright 2017 WalmartLabs

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Support and Acknowledgment

We'd like to thank our employer, WalmartLabs because we can work on the development of Electrode Native platform as Open Sourced Software for the needs of our internal teams and projects.

We love the public community and the support we get, and we address your requests as much as we can.

We are always excited to get feedback, bug reports, and pull requests.

Thank you.